Potty Training

What goes in must come out! It’s just a matter of when and where!

A lot goes into potty training. The internet is filled with tips and tricks. However, one item that shouldn’t be overlooked is focusing on what your child eats. This can impact how potty training goes. First let’s look at some research to understand this often overlooked but very important issue. 

What the experts say

  • 9 out of 10 children do not receive their recommended fiber intake. source (1.NHIL)
  • Children on average receive only 50% of their daily fiber intake.  source (1.NHIL)
  • Inadequate fiber intake contributes to constipation in children in addition to other health problems (1. NHIL)
  • Constipation can lead to potty training issues. source (2. VW)
  • Constipation can put pressure on the colon and block signals between the abdomen and colon making it difficult for children to decide if they need to go number one or number two. source (3. Pull)


Research and pediatricians agree that increasing fiber intake and water is a good way to help children become regular. However, as told above, this simply isn’t happening. The scary thing is most children only receive 50% of their daily fiber intake. (1. NHIL) Think about that!!!  Over the course of a week a child may be receiving 63 grams of fiber under the recommended intake. That’s a whopping 3,276 grams of fiber deficiency a year. Sadly, this is likely a function of society and western diet habits (1. NHIL). In a society that makes it increasingly difficult to find high nutritional meals on a regular basis (fast food, processed foods, soft drinks) consider using HyFiber for kids. If you are looking for a natural way to add soluble fiber to your or child’s diet, consider HyFiber for Kids. When increasing fiber into a child’s diet, remember this is not an overnight fix. This is a pathway over time to help your child become regular. Whether you child takes HyFiber directly or with their favorite food or beverage, this should be done with consistency to have the biggest impact.

Also, check out the resource center to see the other positive benefits of HyFiber for kids. 


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