small dose, BIG IMPACT.

  • 6g of Fiber in only ONE TABLESPOON!
  • Over 30 Million Doses Served
  • Brought to you by Medtrition – Trusted by hospitals and healthcare facilities
  • Contains FOS prebiotics to improve gut health
  • No powders or mixes – Take alone or mix with food or beverage
  • Free of major allergens or PEG’s – Does not contain gluten or lactose

Over 30 Million Doses Served

What Our Customers are Saying

Amazon HyFiber review – 5 stars

My autistic daughter has gastrointestinal issues, and doesn’t eat well. This fiber supplement has helped her a lot. She won’t take pills or eat gummies. Finding liquid supplements are not easy. This has a light flavor, that mixes well into apple juice.”


“We rely on HyFiber for kids for clean outs and maintenance. This is much better than laxatives.”


Amazon HyFiber review – 5 stars

“Helps my 5 year old daughter so much with digestive health. She is on the spectrum and is a very picky eater. She drinks this with milk, no problem at all.”

Did you know…

9 out of 10 children do not receive the daily recommended amount of fiber in their diet, which can lead to constipation. Hyfiber for Kids contains 6 grams of fiber as well as prebiotics to help improve gut health. With constipation out of the way, the sky’s the limit!

  • Autism and a healthy gut
    Creating a pathway for a healthy gut has received a lot of attention lately for those with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Specifically, recent studies have been directed at investigating whether increasing fiber and improving gut health can improve communication and other cognitive functions. More work is needed from the scientific community is needed in this area. Below we provide some of the framework behind these suggestions. But first let’s start with what has been proven through clinical studies.
  • HyFiber for Kids
    If you are looking for a natural source of fiber and prebiotics for your child without theContinue reading “HyFiber for Kids”
  • How does gut health impact your child?
    The focus on gut health has increased over the years. Parents and kids know the phrase “Eat Your Vegetables”, “Drink Your Milk” but maybe what we should be telling our children is to drink their fiber. But first, what is gut health?
  • Potty Training and Accidents
    Potty training accidents are a fact of life. It’s part of the learning process for children. However, if parents are concerned that accidents are occurring frequently and at an age where a child knows how to correctly use the potty then it may be time to speak with your pediatrician.

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